The Dog House Foundation

Help for abandoned and abused dogs in the Huercal Overa and surrounding areas.

Charity Starts at Home

                             THE STORY OF THE DOGHOUSE 

Paul and a former colleague originally from the UK and since arriving in Spain in 2003 have opened their home to rescue and re-home abandoned dogs.

The number of abandoned dogs has been steadily rising over the years, due to the recession as people are either no longer able to afford to keep their much loved animals or are having to repatriate, due to lack of money and employment. In August 2004 The Dog House was home to Paul, and former colleague and 97 dogs.

 The Dog House was given charitable status in 2009, Paul and former colleague cared for these abandoned and ill-treated dogs

This means the dogs can roam and be free in a controlled environment; they are not confined to kennels. No matter what age, breed, size or sex, all the dogs live, eat, sleep and play together. At the centre there are 6 large compounds with sleeping areas: an area for dogs requiring isolation, 2 fly-free zones, a designated area for new admissions and a visitors area. There is also 10 large sleeping areas where all floors and walls are tiled, a food preparation area, and  designated area for bathing the dogs. an office and an area for dogs requiring 24/7 observation.

Paul  has been able to make all of this happen, despite a minimal amount of financial or voluntary help. Helped only by a small band of loyal volunteers, Paul strive hard to maintain the necessary standards at the centre. But with ever increasing numbers of dogs to look after and pressure on animal hygiene and centre management, improvements are now desperately needed to meet the future needs of the dogs and enable sustainable development of the Dog House Foundation.

The backbone of the Dog House Foundation.

 Paul  have given his live, income, savings and home to the welfare of the dogs and provide them with 24 hour care and attention. Paul explained, It's been hard going at times but the results speak for themselves. The love and affection that we receive from the dogs out-weighs the cost and hard work ten-fold. If we were able to do more, there would be no hesitation. People need to come and see the centre at work and how the dogs are cared for. See for yourselves how happy and content they all are"

 Paul's dream for the Dog House

 I would like to see all the 14 acres fenced, giving the dogs more freedom, letting them run, walk and play. I would like simply to spend more time with the dogs .( I think that is a pipe-dream, unless I win the Lotto!!)

What is Paul's greatest concern

That we might be unable to continue our commitment to the dogs. As you know, we only have a minimum amount of finance and have a very small team of loyal volunteers that help when they are able to. It is hard to get people to volunteer their time, for many reasons.

Where did all the dogs come from 

 There is no specific area. Dogs are rescued from the coast to Velez Rubio and further including Albox, Almanzora Valley, Mojacar, San Juan, Sorbas and Murcia. We take in dogs from anywhere. We do not discriminate on grounds of the health of the dog, location, breed, age or suitability for re-homing. We also have a no euthanasia policy. A dog will only ever be euthanized for medical reasons.

 Where and how do we re-home dogs

The majority of dogs are re-homed here in Spain,  and UK  We have been unable to make contacts ensuring re-homing to other countries. The main resources are The Dog House Website, media and word of mouth.

 How can people help

 Come to visit the centre, check out the website or drop us a line if you feel you can volunteer, or help in any way no matter how small.

Charity 4718./ CIF G04691283.

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