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Help for abandoned and abused dogs in the Huercal Overa and surrounding areas.

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 At the centre we have a few dogs that due to age and past experiences, will possibly not be able to find a forever home,
We know there are people out there that are unable to keep a dog, but would like to help in some way.

The dogs featured on this page would like sponsors to help with their care and feeding on a day to day basis. They will stay on our re homing list, and should the dog you sponsor find their forever home we shall contact you to see if you would like to sponsor another dog. Or of course cancel.

We are asking for 10 euros per month, this can be donated via PayPal Or via our bank accounts ( the button can be found on the left side of the screen).

We shall in return send photos news and views from the dogs and the centre. Please contact the foundation [email protected] 

We would like to thank very one in advance for their kind donations. 



Nelson is a German Shepherd,he is also neutered. Nelson stationed himself outside a bar in Alfoquia for 2 weeks and local residents took him to the Foundation. He only has one eye but doesn't seem to hinder him will make a great family pet and guard dog. D.O.B  01/05/2008




Paco is a Pointer X, and he is neutered, Paco was found in an irrigation channel next to a field of cows (can be heard mooing in his sleep) Arrived at the Foundation in 2003 with parvo virus and survived after a lot of medical treatment and care. D.O.B 01/07/2003




Bruce Lee is a German Shepherd X.  Bruce Lee has Leishmaniasis and is on medication, Unsure of his history he arrived with us via the Guardia Civil and suspect abuse from an early age, he will need a lot of patience as he is very shy and nervous. D.O.B 01/05/2008




 Sponsored by Colin the Card, Albox.

Sally is a rough coated Podenco, she is deaf and has her ears clipped, but she is currently being taught sign language.  Sally was abandoned on the road side, where passerby were feeding her. She was caught and fostered until she arrived at the Foundation. Sally is a very happy playful girl and she does get on well with other dogs. Sally is spayed. D.O.B 01/02/2010


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Banco Popular. Name: The Dog House: Bank 0075. Branch 3123. DC 09. Account number 0671270449

address: The Dog House Foundation Apartado119 Huercal-Overa 046001 Almaria Spain



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