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photos of Re-Homing In the UK

This page is for all our dogs that have been re-Homed in the UK. It will include stories and pictures or the dogs new homes and adventures.


Samantha. Princess and Kiara went to the UK via Cucador Rescue on 2nd February have now found their forever homes, below with their new families.


Bella is a medium mixed breed dog she was found wondering in Velez Rubia she is approx  three years old, came to the Doghouse on 25 Nov 14 a very gentle dog and enjoys the company of  adults and other dog, although a little shy at first until she gets to now you, she is very playful   and loves lots of cuddles,  has now found her forever with a family in the UK, have a happy life Bella. (April 15)


Holly was found in the Pulpi Almeria area in very poor condition and very thin but she still remained friendly, and affectionate she is just over a year and has now moved to the UK to be with the person who found we can see she is really enjoying her new life. (March 15)


Scruff is a small mixed breed is approx 4 years old was brought to the Doghouse on 2nd February 15 because his owner is seriously ill in hospital. Scruff is a placid, affectionate dog, gets on well with adults and other dogs .

Socks was brought into the foundation with Blackie. 13 Sept 13 Socks is a small mixed breed is approx 3 years old  has a good temperament very affectionist loves the company of adults and gets on well with other dogs, would make a perfect lap dog
All three dogs will be going to Homes in the UK arranged my friends of the doghouse in Cucado. (March 15)


Maisey is a small mixed breed she was found abandoned at a local bar she came to the foundation on 4 June 2014 she is a very lovable friendly little dog gets on well with the other dogs Maisey has now found he forevery home in the UK with a family holidaying in Spain and took he home to the UK. D.O.B. 4/06/13, enjoy your life in the UK Maisey.xx  (Oct 14)


Donna is mixed breed  was found on the side of a main road very thin, came to the foundation on 11 May 2013  she is a very friendly placid girl, and is appox a year old. She has found her new home in England with a single person
is a Long Haired German Shepherd came to the Foundation on 27 Dec 2012 after his  elderly owners could not look after him any longer,Woody is appox 6 years old has now found his forever home with a couple in Wales were he will have another two dogs to play with. We wish them both a happy life (Oct 14)


Sandie arrived at one of our volunteers home shortly before the Sept floods in 2012. She is a delightful girl who is good with other dogs & cats.She's very gentle and loves to be stroked & petted. D.O.B:  1/10/10, Sandie has now found her forever home with a couple holidaying in Mojacar from the UK, first Sandie will spend 3 weeks in Mojocar then  on a walking holiday in Holland and finally return to England. what a wonderful life she will have, we will all miss her at the Foundation xx(Jun 14)


Maxine was only with the Dog House for short time before she found her forever home in the UK, here are some photos of Maxine in her new home. she looks so happy.


Maxine at Dog House                             On the way to the UK


Maxine with new owner                 Maxine with knitted coat for UK

Daisy - a year later

Daisy was one of the 10 dogs that went to the UK in January 2011 to her forever home

what a difference, she looks a very happy dog in her new home and a very lucky girl.




We are pleased to say that Jasmine who went over to the UK in January 2012 has settled in so well she has achieved her Bronze certificate in her training class. WELL DONE JASMIN




Wow what adventure!!!  I am having so much fun, my new family are great and I get to go to school everyday and I get lots of fuss and hugs when I go there I think school is great!! Here I am with my new family all happy. Thank you Dog House for finding me this special place.


I am so Happy now I am with my new family, Breeze is great although I was a little nervous at first I finally won her round and we are best of friends, I love my new home and the walks are great, not to sure about this cold weather though but my coat is keeping me warm, thank you to the dog house for finding me this great new place to live. xx

Lady, Narna and Rosa

It was such a long journey, the people who took us on the long journey were very nice and gave us lots of hugs along the way, it was all a bit confusing why we were in this van in the dark, but when we got to our new home WOW!! it was great a big garden, new big fluffy beds, we were all so tired we found a spot and slept, I think we are going to like our new forever home, we will keep you updated on our new adventures.


It was a long journey and towards the end everyone else had gone........ but then it was my turn a couple came to get me from Tony, I was feeling a little confused but they placed me in their car and took me to my forever home, when I got there I was a little scared I even did a poo!! but I was so tired I went to sleep, when I woke up I couldn't remember where I was, but soon did, I think I am already in charge of the cat and the other dog Paddy and he has a great toy box I dived straight in, play time.............

Cookie and Crumble

We are so excited a big adventure, loads more exciting, than escaping from the center  (not that we ever went far) but we are here in our new home, loads of toys, big comfy sofas to sleep on and a young person in charge woo hoo ..............

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