The Dog House Foundation

Help for abandoned and abused dogs in the Huercal Overa and surrounding areas.


Following the bad storms early this year an appeal was launched in the local Media, Radio and social media.  Several members of the public raised funds that were used to purchase materials to construct new all weather shelters.

On the 29th April the same people returned for four day to build and construct the new shelters which are now completed, and being used by the dogs for shelters and climing frames.

They also constructed a reinforced walls around the dog pool, and extra water outlets.

Two large sail shades were donated and are in situ, three splash pools were purchased from a donation made from a member of the public.

A bathing area created with bath shower and drying area.

 House to shelter and to cover the water buckets built. And new feeding area

San Juan De Las Terreros Petanque group. donated funds to cover the costs for 8 dogs to go to the UK to their new homes and   covered the costs for transport of dog food from Holland to the centre for March and June.

The customers from Colins Cards next to Longos Albox,  donated moneys which was used to purchased 64 Scalabar collars and  send 4 dogs to there new homes in UK.

Colins the card shop also  stored the regular supply of dog food donated from customers.

The Friends of Cucador donated dog food and funds that went to pay for roofing for the shelters.

Amigos de Casa del perro.  donation of dog food for three months

All the individual people that have donated via bank transfer, paypal, sponsorship and those who have visited the centre, their donations have helped pay vets bills and pay for 3 dogs to go to the UK to their forever homes.the lady that gave  3 euros to buy a tin of food for one of the dogs.

Donations from individuals  went to pay for  building material and also  dog food.

Help received with the management of the foundation and re homing of dogs to the UK.

We would like to thank  all the  above and everyone concerned  that has helped The Dog House reach these achievements.


Works has now commenced on re-building new kennels after loosing many shelters during the severe winds in February 15.  The Doghouse Little Helpers  Pete, Dave. Phil, Anne, Sandy and Julie raised 1150 euros for the materials and now helping re-build the kennels

Small pool for the Dogs

 House Foundation would like to send a big thank you to Mrs Valarie Smith for her kind dontation of money to enable us to build a small pool for the dogs, which has now been completed enabling them to play and cool down during the hot summer months


New compounds

The Foundation would like to say a big thank you to  our freinds in the UK to help create new compounds for the dogs at the centre. While they were over in Spain last week, we were presented with receipt for the order and delivery of the new sleeping and food prep areas, which will be arriving here in spain at the end of the month. so all systems go we are now laying the bases and sorting out the new fencing.UPDATE: The bases are ready for the sheds and they arrived On Thursday and were constructed by paid labour. UPDATE: sheds are up and just waiting for the felt and painting ........... 

Luckys Paddock

On Saturday 28th July The Dog House had its grand opening of the new Compound which will be known as "Lucky's Paddock"

Paul (the chairperson) of the Foundation did the honours by cutting the ties on the Compound door.

The opening was attended by volunteers and friends of the Dog House and Susan Leach from The Euro Weekly Newspaper.

The new Compound holds new sleeping quarters for the dogs and a large Paddock for the dogs to run around and play in freely.

The Foundation would like to say a huge thank you to Nicola Rogers & Dee French for raising the money with our friends in UK to help create the new compound at the centre.

Also a big thank you to everyone who came along who groomed, played and walked the dogs on the day. What with this and the opening of the new compound the dogs really enjoyed themselves and there were plenty of wagging tails.


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Banco Popular. Name: The Dog House: Bank 0075. Branch 3123. DC 09. Account number 0671270449

address: The Dog House Foundation Apartado119 Huercal-Overa 046001 Almaria Spain



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