The Dog House Foundation

Help for abandoned and abused dogs in the Huercal Overa and surrounding areas.

Mission Statement

This website has been setup due to the large increase in the number of dogs being abandoned in the Huercal Overa and surrounding areas.

There are many reasons for a dog to be abandoned. A great deal of this can be avoided by simply seeking advice. This will help prevent dogs from being tied up by a fence, in the rubbish bins, dumped on the campo and ramblas and pushed out of moving cars, and all without food or water.

We have all been driving along and noticed a dog hardly able to walk because of the intense heat and severe weather, looking to see if you are their owner and going to take them home. Ever noticed the look on there faces as we past by in our air condition cars?

Because of the credit crisis, more people are repatriating to the UK and Europe, many unable to rehome their pets, often leaving them to fend for themselves as mentioned previously.

It is several years now since we have been giving home and sanctuary to abandoned dogs. Over the past 18 months we have increased our numbers by 60%. During the summer we have given homes to 15 new dogs.

To enable us to help many more dogs in need, we are looking for your help. We need to rehome a number of dogs. Please check out our rehoming page. There are many breeds and sizes. If you are in a position to give a dog a happy and loving home, please contact us via the email address or via telephone.
Please help us, to help the dogs, that are being abandoned by his/her owners. If anyone has evidence of any dog being abandoned, please contact The Dog House Foundation, and we will ensure that the appropriate authority's are notified.


Charity 4718./ CIF G04691283.

All content of this web site is © Copyright to the Dog House Foundation.

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Banco Popular. Name: The Dog House: Bank 0075. Branch 3123. DC 09. Account number 0671270449

address: The Dog House Foundation Apartado119 Huercal-Overa 046001 Almaria Spain



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