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In Remembrance

This Page is dedicated to all the dogs in our care who don't make it to their new homes.
 we lose them due to ill health and old age but they will never be forgotten by those at the foundation and those that tried to help .



Harvey is a beagle approx 5 years old he came from a spanish family that could no longer care for him, he is affectionate, curious, friendly and playful, he is very energetic and loves to be outdoors. he would make an ideal family pet, Harvey passed away after escaping from the Foster Home and getting run over. Rest in peace little man.  We shall miss you. Feb 16)


Mikey is a medium spaniel cross he was approx 12 months old, and found in the Arboleas area and came to the Doghouse 1st June 15 through Hurcal Overa vets. Mikey passed away in his sleep from unknown causes  (Oct 15)


Migel came to the doghouse on 19 September 2015, he was recued from a place where he had been left for days on a short chain unable to  to lie down or sleep without water or food.

Migel did not gain any weight during the 3 weeks he was at the doghouse, on visiting the vet he was diagnosed with sever  and advanced leishamenia and unable to take the course of injections due to no body mass. it is with great sadness that Migel had to be put to sleep as not to  suffer any further pain.. Rest in Peace Migel  ( Oct 15)


Honey is a Podenco cross approx 12 years old  Came to the Doghouse in 2005  Honey was abandoned in Urcal village Almeria by British owners going back to the UK  Honey was a very placid and affectionate girl.  Honey passed away at the Dog House due to old age. Rest in peace Honey, we will miss you.

 (Aug 15)


Jenna is a Rottweiler cross,  approx age 7 years old came to the doghouse on 5 Aug 10, She was brought to the Foundation  from Guardia Civil because she had been abandoned in Velez Rubio.  she is friendly but a little shy, she  had progressive Leishamania and had to be put to sleep, Rest in Peace Jenna you will be missed (Aug 15)


 Baby is a  very small mixed breed she came to the foundation from another dog rescue, she was a  happy playful dog, she loved cuddles and kisses enjoyed  the company of people It is with great sadness that Baby passed away after eating poison. rest in peace little one you will be greatly missed (April 15)


Duchess is a German Shepherd X, she is spayed. Duchess was brought to the Foundation after wandering around Urcal village for three days, very friendly, playful and full of life It is with great sadness that Dutches has had to be put to sleep due to not respoding to medication due to leish, her age of 10 was against her. rest in peace you will be missed xx (April15)


Jake is a Pointer/Podenco cross and neutered. Jake was involved in a road traffic accident, where two of his legs where broken, these were an old injury as both of his legs where healed when found wandering around Limaria. Jake had to be put to sleep due to one of his legs causing him server pain and would not be able to survive an amputation,Jake was 5 years old when he died, we will all miss him Rest in Peace Jake xx (March 15)


Cassy was found wondering near to one of our volunteers home near Albox area  she came to the foundation on 22 Nov 13. Cassie is of mixed breed very friendly gets on well with other dogs enjoys the compaany of adults.  Cassy was 5 years old when she died due to flying debries during sever storms. Rest in peace little one you will be greatly missed x (Feb 15)


Serena is a Pointer X and she is spayed (sister to Venus). Serena came to the foundation  on 23 July 09. Abandoned by her owner, Serena is a quiet dog and sometimes a little nervous. Serena was nearly 7 years old when she died when her shelter collapsed during sever storms. Rest in peace Serena you will be missed (February 15)


Augusto is a staffy cross came to the foundation on 26 August 14. from another Dog rescue, he is a friendly loveable dog enjoys lots of cuddles gets on well with the other dogs and with people, he was just over a year old when he died  from flying debries during sever storms. Rest in peace little one (February 15)


Blanca is a pitbull mastiff  cross she was found locally and brough to the Foundation on 4 May 2014  she is a shy lovable dog but likes to keep herself to herself most of the time, she was just over a year old when she passed away after having an argument with another dog and went into shock. Rest in Peace Blanca (Sept 14)


Leon is a medium mixed breed goat herder dog he came to the foundation on   the 15 May 2014 due to helping  out another dog rescue, his owner was going to hang him, he is a friendly but weary dog he was 4 years old when he passed away suddenly and  unexpected. Rest in peace Leon (Sept14)                                          




Socks is a Pointer Cross . Socks was found wandering the rambla near El Puertecico.  he came to the foundation  on 15 Dec 2009

Socks developed Leish and had to be put to sleep on 4th August 2014 after a long illness he was 8 years old and been at the foundation for 5 years, rest in peace Socks. xx (August 14)




 Orkie  came to the foundation on 20/01/10 is of mix breed, , she arrived in a desperate state, she was very nervous. Orkie had been at the centre for 4 years and was approx 9 years old when she passed away quietly of old age. She will be greatly missed xxx (May14)



Molly No 2

 Molly No 2 was a Staffordshire Bull Terrier  approx a year old, she was found wondering in Arboleas town, Almeria. 

It is with great sadness that Molly had to be put to sleep today due to a brain disorder causing her to be unstable and loosing her balance. such a short life rest in peace Molly xxx (Feb 14)



Mikey was a brindle galgo very placid, passed away on 16 January 2014 after an unexpected rapid illnes. rest in peace Mikey will will be greatly missed xxx    




It is with great sadness that Gonzo died today after a very long illness he was also partially blind

Rest in peace dear Gonzo you wll be greatly missed.  (Sept 13)




Villa is a Pointer Cross he had  leishmania and  was found in the Los Lobos area    Villa passed away on 10th. January 2014 from Leish compounded with other medical problems.   He died in his sleep in his basket next to the fire  Rest in Peace Villa.   you will be greatly missed.xx 




Hoby is a rough coat Podenco X,  passed away on 29th March 2013 of old age he was 11 years old and  was a placid dog enjoyed  being by himself in the shade. Rest in Peace Hoby.




Fido passed away today 6 March 2013  he had leishamania, and died peacfully in his sleep 

Rest in peace Fido you will be missed.



David, Pointer had leishamania. He was a friendly loveable dog but passed away on 20 January 2013 due to Leishamania   Rest in peace David.



It is with great sadness that Danny died on Christmas Day after having a severe convulsion which he did not recover from he was with Paul when he passed away, we will miss you dearly Danny (Dec 12)



Ellie was peacfully put to sleep by our vet after getting municipal infections due to Leish she was a  lovely  girl who loved to be  cuddled. 

 Rest in peace Ellie



It is with geat sadness that Holmes passed away unexpectatly without any signs of any illness on 4th December 2012

Rest in Peace Holmes



It is with great sadness that we lost Henry on 15 November 2012  he had been runover and killed on the Rambla at the entrance to the doghouse, he had been at the doghouse since he was a puppy and will be greatly missed.  Rest in peace Henry.



We sadly lost Minnie she passed away peacefully in her sleep and was approximatly 8 years old, she had been dumped at the Doghouse on Christmas 2009 and will be greatly missed



Our lovely Besue had died one morning in September 2012,  again we can only put this down to the extreme heat as he was a healthy boy with no sign of injury.
He was a lovely boy who will be greatly missed.



Sadly Sherman had died one morning in September 2012  at the gate of the Doghouse. although he was completely healthy an showed no visible signs of injury, we can only put it down to the extremely hot weather this summer.


Unfortunately in September Pippa sustained a bite from an unknown source, even with Veterinarian care it sadly turned gangrenous and she lost her life.



It is with great sadness that Flash passed away on 29/06/2012. He had a very aggressive form of liesh and did not survive. RIP Flash


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