Play Day Sunday 24 March 2013 Play Day Sunday 24 March 2013 Dogs and people enjoying the walk 176677420 Bozo and Jenna enjoying the walk 176677421 Another group taking the dogs for walkies 176677422 176677423 Ruthus is new to the foundation such a gentle dog 176677424 Two walkers returning to the foundation 176677425 Woody and Anna enjoying the walk 176677426 Monti and Sandie out for their walk 176677427 Blanca starting his walk 176678112 One group returning after a long walk 176678113 176678114 Time to relax 176678115 having a cupa 176678116 Its time for tea sandwiches and cake 176678117 Everyone enjoyng the day 176678493 Time for a chat 176678494 176678495 Waiting to see if they get any cake 176678118 176678496